Mirena or alternative Coil insertion advice

Dear Patient


You have been referred to have insertion of a coil with one of the GP’s at High Street Medical Centre


A coil will only be fitted if the fitter can be reasonably sure that there is no risk of pregnancy.  In order to help you prepare for your appointment and reduce the likelihood of having to return for a second appointment, the following information is helpful:


A coil can be fitted when there is no risk of pregnancy: that is:-


  1. At any time, if reliable contraception (other than condoms) is used prior to the fitting, or
  2. Within five days of the start of a period for the Mirena Coil, or
  3. Within 12 days of the start of a period for the Copper Coil,


If a woman is not using contraception the Coil can be fitted anytime from the last period, provided no sexual intercourse has occurred from the start of that period.  A urine sample would need to be checked for pregnancy test.


If a woman is not using contraception and is overdue for a change of coil , is not having regular periods and has had no sexual intercourse for the previous three weeks, a urine sample will need to be checked for Pregnancy Test before insertion.


If a patient is changing an old Coil for a new one it is advised to abstain from sexual intercourse for a week before insertion of the new Coil.


The cost of fitting a coil is €170  for non-medical card patients, including a follow-up appointment 4 – 6 weeks later.


Your Pharmacy will charge €144 for the coil and sometimes less for the Copper Coil.  You can purchase the Copper Coil from this surgery at a cost of €50 prior to insertion.


Please bring a panty-liner or mini sanitary pad for use after inserting the device.

Coils are not inserted until 10 weeks post partum.


Should you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff.



Yours sincerely




High Street Medical Centre